Spine Glossary

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zygapophysial joint injections

Injections of steroids and local anesthetic into the facet joints to determine if it is a source of pain or to reduce pain and inflammation.


Zygapophysial zoint. See also facet joints.


Commonly referred to as ?neck sprain or strain? although symptoms may have other causes. Common in car accidents.


Procedure to repair fractures related to osteoporosis, where glue-like cement material is injected into a collapsed vertebra.


Bones that make up the spine. (vertebra

unremitting low back pain

Another term for chronic low back pain. A condition in which the chief complaint is back pain of primarily a mechanical nature, associated with activities, but without associated spondylolysis or spondylolisthesis. To be classified as unremitting low back pain, symptoms must persist for more than three months and have been unresponsive to primary care treatment recommendations.



trigger point injections

Injection of local anesthetic with or without corticosteroid into painful soft tissues (i.e., muscles or ligaments) along the spine or over the back of the pelvis. Generally used for pain control.


Traction applies intermittent or continuous force by mechanical or manual methods to elongate the spine.


Mid-upper back, area between the cervical (neck region) and lumbar (low back) spine