At the Institute of Spinal Disorders, we use biofeedback therapy as a pain management technique often combined with other strategies for chronic pain relief.
Biofeedback at the Institute of Spinal Disorders

Biofeedback therapy has been effective is relieving pain associated with conditions like stenosis, prolapsed discs, arthritis of the spine and sciatica.

The ultimate goal of biofeedback therapy is to gain control over bodily functions and systems that are generally said to be automatic. By utilizing biofeedback technology, therapists are able to record and analyze information on muscle reactions, heart rate, sweat production, blood flow, and other biological markers. Therapist are then equipped to work with patients on a customized plan around relaxation, visualization techniques, physical exercises and breathing patterns to help relieve pain.

We understand that each patient has unique treatment needs and biofeedback is a non-surgical option that may benefit you. For more information on how Biofeedback therapy may a part of your comprehensive treatment plan, please call our office today at 817-288-0084 or click here to make an appointment.